Too often it seems the Christian faith has been reduced to church activity. In other words ones spirituality is gauged by how much church activity they perform or participate in. In fact we keep people so busy at the church house that one wonders how they could ever live out the Great Commission in the market place. Not to mention that many of those activities amount to nothing more than entertaining the saints.  The first church knew nothing of this concept. Yes, they gathered weekly for worship and from house to house in fellowship. However the early church was more concerned with sending their people on mission into the world.

The “GATHERING,” is a new church, committed to following the model of the early church as discovered in the book of Acts. The purpose is described in the words Simple, Authentic, and Devoted. The idea is to keep the church activities to simple basics like the early church did. This allows the followers of Christ to carry out the mission of Christ in the marketplace. What does it look like?


Gathering for weekly worship on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Gathering for small group fellowship and Bible study in homes.

Service to Christ by serving others.


Where people don’t wear spiritual mask but are real.

No room for spiritual elitism or self-righteousness.

People recognize that we all are sinners in need of forgiveness.


Devoted to Christ

Devoted to serving Christ by serving others.